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Bhutan Cultural Extravaganza Tour

What makes Bhutan unique and worth visiting is its rich cultural heritage. Everything about Bhutan is unique. Our traditional dress is unique; chilies are the main course of the meal; Number  13 is considered lucky; polygamy still exist in many parts of Bhutan; Foods are eaten with hand and on ground; butter tea is a staple drink and doma (beetle nut ) is used as a traditional greetings. Childless women take blessing from wooden phallus and umbrellas and hats are not allowed inside the monastery. The colorful festival is celebrated with spiritual significance and people revered Buddhist master above everything and adheres to strict code of etiquette, called Driglam  Namzha.
So by taking any of our Bhutan Cultural Extravaganza package, you can be a part of us & relish our rich culture and warm open hearted people.